Seven Minutes

Prompt: Chicks battle the Dudes – Board game found in a Victoria, BC thrift store.


It was my first party; new school, new friends, new look. Talia tugged at her crop top. 90’s music blasted in Ami’s basement as she braved the stairs.

“Hey Tal!” Will waved from across the room. Blush crept along Talia’s cheeks. Ami’s laugh could be heard distinctly from the closet. She emerged with a box under her arms, indicating the music to be turned down.

“Well hello everyone! Welcome to Ami’s 90’s birthday party! Now, sit your asses down so we can play this magical game.” Talia sat down next to Ami as her phone buzzed in her pocket.

“Hello?” Talia covered her exposed ear to block as much sound as possible.

“Hi Talia sweetheart! Just calling to check on you? How are you enjoying the sleepover at that lovely girl Ami’s house?” Talia looked over to see Ami smiling and mimicking doing shots as Samantha poured brown liquor into glasses.

“I’m fine grandma! We are just watching a movie.” Ami handed Talia a glass, quietly chanting ‘Shots! Shots! Shots!’.

“Okay honey, call us in the morning.” Talia shoved her phone back into her skirt.

“Does everyone have a shot?” Ami looked around the room, nodding her head. “Well then; To the new girl!” Echos rushed the room as Talia downed the drink, feeling an uncomfortable burn in her throat. Ami set up a board game while Samantha collected the cups to be refilled. “The game is Chicks battle the Dudes. I dug this out of my Mom’s closet. We have six girls vs six guys. Here are the rules. We pair up for each category, read a question, and the person who gets it right does a shot, gives a shot, and spends seven minutes in heaven with their opponent.”

Talia gulped as she gazed into the open closet door, two bean bag chairs and a lava lamp were already set up, ready for action. Samantha handed Talia another shot, and she took it immediately. The burning sensation was lessened with each shot, and by halfway through the game, Talia had consumed six.

“Alright!” Ami stood up shakily. “Next up: Talia vs Will!” The boys whooped as Will moved to the center of the circle. Talia was feeling brave from the rum, and only stumbled once getting to her place across from him. “Category is: Math!” Talia smiled visibly. She and Will had the same math class; this would be a cakewalk. Will brushed loose hair out of his face, his cheeks rouged with heat.

“Name the number for Pi to the 4th decimal!” Will surprising buzzing in first, immediately making Talia doubt herself.

“What is Apple?” The boys howled with laughter.

“Wrong!” Ami laughed as she playfully pushed Will. “Do you know the answer Tali?” Talia nodded her head.


“And we have a winner!” Ami yanked Talia’s arm into the air, quickly shoving a shot glass into her open hand. “Now it is time for seven minutes in heaven!”

Before she knew it, Talia had been pushed into the closet, Will fell in behind her, collapsing into the bean bag chair. Ami could be heard laughing from outside the closet. “So, what are you even supposed to say in here?” Will rolled his R’s a little more than normal. Talia smiled and shrugged as she felt her head wobble.

“3 minutes left!” Time seemed to move both quicker and slower in this tiny closet.

Will clumsily leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek. Talia felt a rush of heat. “I like you Talia. You’re different.” Talia rubbed her arms awkwardly.

“Thanks Will. You’re too nice.”

“2 minutes left!” Talia gathered what courage she had as the butterflies raged in her stomach. Leaning forward she parted her lips, aiming for Will’s mouth.

“1 minute!”

Talia felt her stomach doing flips, she was really about to kiss Will. As she came closer to Will, she realized that those weren’t butterflies in her stomach, those were 7 shots of rum.

“Time’s up!” Ami whipped the closet door open just as Talia puked all over Will and the bean bag chair.




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  1. Oh man I thought someone was going to puke but that is the worst possible timing! Great story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lizmacd22 says:

      Thanks! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!


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