About Liz


Hi! I’m Liz, a 25 year old writer and streamer from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Live Promptly is my personal and writing blog that I try and update as often as possible but usually fail at this task. I recently left my job as a customer service representative to persue writing full time so I will be posting more often!

I also stream live video games on http://twitch.tv/lizmacd22 and we even write some of the stories you will read on this blog with chat live!

I can always be reached on my various social media sites, @LizMacD22 on Twitter/Steam, and am available for any questions or just to chat!

My writing includes free-form poetry, short stories, personal essays, excerpts from novels I’m working on, erotica novellas, and very occasionally… some fanfiction.

If you enjoy what you read please leave me a comment letting me know so I can continue making great content for this site. Constructive criticism is always welcomed but please remember that I am a human being.


Hugs and Sugar,




*All written work is copyright Eff! Inc 2016 please feel free to reblog or quote but remember to include source.


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  1. J.G. Lynn says:

    Hello Liz! It wouldn’t let me leave a comment under your story, so I’m leaving it here: October 18,2014- I thought it was a delightful story and I absolutely LOVED the sentence “She wanted to know ‘What’ and I wanted to know ‘Why’.” I can’t wait to read more stories from you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lizmacd22 says:

      Thanks! It’s my favourite from that story as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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